WordPress Day 2

A note to you, my dear reader. This is the story of my experience learning WordPress.  I have chosen the free version so any information in here can not be guaranteed to apply to the paid plans.

So I took the plunge and created a free page and set it up for a blog.  Yesterday I spent my time learning how to set up for the first time and customize my theme.  Today I have been learning how to navigate around my WordPress site.

The first thing I encountered was that heading to WordPress.com takes me to WordPress.com.  Now I’m sure you’re thinking; Well of course what were you expecting? I’m glad you asked. I was actually expecting that having saved my login information in Chrome, returning to WordPress would automatically take me to my site.

In reality what I found was, that I was deposited in the middle of WordPress land where I was treated to a view of popular and trending pages from within the community.  Pleasant to know but not what I was looking for in this instance.

I did spy over on the top left of the page a link that said My Site.  Ah Ha, this must be what I’m looking for… Nope! Wrong again.  It does take me to a hand page of statistics though.  If you are new to WordPress it is helpful to take a minute or two and look around at the wealth of information that will be available for you.  Right on top, you have Views, Visitors, Likes,  and Comments.

Still, it wasn’t  what I was looking for.  This time on the top left though, I saw a link for my name and clicking on that finally brought me where I had expected to end up.  The public view of my page.  It shows as a pop out so you have the option of looking at it briefly and closing or making it a tab on your browser.

So now that I and you dear reader know what happens when you log in to WordPress, I’ll conclude by just saying I wish that I could jump straight to the stat page and if I find a way to do it without having to save the specific link as a favorite/bookmark I will let you know.



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